Best Luggage 2017

best luggage 2017

Choosing the best luggage can be difficult sometimes. That’s why we have written the following guide and reviewed the best luggage for 2017.

Without further talking, you can find out at Travel inn vatn what’s the best luggage 2017 we are talking about.

In the best luggage guide, you will get to know the best suitcases in many categories you can choose from.

Here they are: the best carry on luggage (Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Spinner), the best checked luggage (Briggs & Riley Baseline Expandable Upright Durable Suitcase), the best hard sided luggage (Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley), the best luggage set (Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set), the best travel duffel (Vera Bradley Large Duffel Bag), etc… and more will be added in the future so stay tuned.

Before you decide on what luggage you have to go for, you need to read the luggage buyer’s guide. It will help you evaluate your prospective guide with easy nine ways and what you need to look for before buying you bag. Here are the things to check: fabric, frames, zippers, wheels, telescoping & grab handles, sewing & thread, luggage accessories, price vs quality, luggage warranties.

Another great things to know in the buyer’s guide are: types of bags you could choose from (carry-on luggage, checked luggage, wheeled luggage, backpack / wheeled backpack, duffel bag); luggage size and weight limits which is a really important topic to know because of the fees that the airlines apply if you go overweight or go over the linear inch rule for the size, hard sided vs soft sided luggage: pros and cons of each one and what you should go for based on what you like in a suitcase, and finally some features to check in your next luggage (wheels, zippers, shell, a lock to secure your bag) and how to clean it when you return from your trip.


Also, enjoy watching this video on “How To Choose Luggage for Your Next Trip” from

I hope you have enjoyed the luggage buying guide and has given you a good luggage recommendations to buy for your travels. Don’t forget to check the best luggage 2017 in the link at the start of this post.

Enjoy your upcoming trips and have a good day!!!


Best Suitcase Brands for 2017

These days, airport workers tend to be rough on luggage when handling them in storage.

So you need to think about that when going for a new suitcase and a have a good understanding of the best suitcase brands out there to be fully confident that your luggage will be in a good situation when you get it in the end of the flight.

It is good to be safe than sorry and enjoy your trip without stressful moments which leave you thinking about the bad situation you are involved in.


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Best Luggage Scales Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

When you are planning for your next vacation, you always tend to pack anything in your suitcase in case you need it when you are abroad but in reality you will not.

So a lot of these belongings are staying in your suitcase without any use only adding to the weight of the bag; and that can be a problem especially if you go overweight when packing which will cost you money you could use in you trip.

Without any more words, check out the best luggage scales for 2017 to have a pretty good idea of what weight your luggage has to avoid the overweight fees and don’t worry about it when checking you bag. Go Check The Guide Now!!!

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Delsey Luggage Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Delsey is a well-known French brand due to the quality of its luggage also to the different designs they have which add a unique touch of elegance to every bag they made.

From soft sided models like the Delsey Chatillon to the hard sided models like the Delsey Helium Aero, Delsey brand never misses on the quality and on the design of its bags. Also, Delsey luggage have a great durability  and resistance against tear.

We are going to list the top Delsey luggage reviews for 2017 like: the best hardside suitcase, the best lightweight softside suitcase, the best under the seat bag, etc.. Check the link below to read the reviews:

To sum up, Delsey brand is considered one of the best brands in the world of luggage and that’s comes to many advantages: quality, design, durability and finally the best price compared with the quality.

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Travel Suggestions: Ways To Select Your Baggage

travel luggage, luggage buying

Travel Suggestions: Ways To Select Your Baggage

It holds true that you can not discover a single baggage that will certainly have the ability to fulfill all your travel requires. Understanding which kind of baggage is best for you depends upon your packing design and the kind of travel.

A crucial factor to consider when it pertains to luggage choice is the type of journey you will certainly be taking, the activities that you prepare to be doing and the variety of possessions that you prepare to bring together with you. You ought to discover a bag that supplies benefit when it pertains to packing, comfy to lug and flexible.

Travel backpacks have internal frames, a suspension system and can be transformed into a hand held bag. Some designs even have a detachable day-pack for brief day-to-day tours. Travel backpacks are perfect for tourists who want movement and would choose to bring all their equipment. These backpacks are not matched if you prepare to see city locations.

Offered also is wheeled travel luggage classified into 2 particularly the standard wheeled travel luggage and the exchangeable wheeled travel luggage. The standard wheeled travel luggage is geared up with durable and resilient manages and in-line wheels. This kind of wheeled travel luggage is not fit for the experience candidates however is perfect for company tourists or individuals checking out city locations. A piece of suggestions for place of business tourists is to have a bag, a carry-on and a brief-case as these pieces work well together.

Exchangeable wheeled travel luggage can be transformed to a wheeled travel luggage and might also work as a knapsack. This travel luggage is geared up with concealed shoulder straps to allow you to lug the bag as a knapsack. It can even be brought as a knapsack. This type is matched for travel to a metropolitan location. As the bags are not geared up with a hip belt, these are not fit for long backpacking as the whole weight of the bag will certainly be supported just by the shoulders.

Duffels are of 3 types that include the basic function travel that is available in differing sizes, wheeled duffels and exploration duffels. General function journeys have numerous sizes and are much cheaper as as compared to other travel luggage types. This is perfect for brief journeys and if you are taking a trip light.

Exploration duffels can be geared up with straps to transform the bag into a knapsack for included benefit. These are fit for tourists who have a great deal of equipment to bring together with them and it isn’t really essential for them to lug the duffel by hand within a significant range upon coming to the location.

Wheeled duffels supply a big storage capability and are geared up with wheels. This is quite suitable for tourists who have to bring together with them a great deal of equipment however would require the benefit of wheels to navigate their travel luggage at airports or train stations. This is not appropriate though for travel to remote locations as compared with the travel backpacks.

For those who enjoy camping, backpacking or climbing up, internal frame backpacks are for you. These have actually been particularly created to offer excellent support for extended periods of carrying equipment on wilderness journeys.

With the various travel baggage and bags offered for you, examine which types are fit for your kind of journey.